POET Congress

July to December, 2022

Welcome to POET Virtual Congress 2.0

We are very pleased to announce the 4th International Precision Oncology Congress, presented by the POET Research Program, will be held virtually, on October 22-23, 2020. The conferences in 2017 – 2019 were a great success at our spectacular venue, The Bow. The feedback we received from the 2019 meeting confirms an increased interest in cutting-edge precision oncology.

The International Precision Oncology Congress’ objective is to create a forum for dialogue between oncologists, molecular researchers, biopharma leaders, data analysts, clinical trial design specialists and health authorities. The theme of the POET Virtual 2.0 meeting is Advocating for Precision Oncology in Canada. Attendees will learn about cutting edge biomarker research, signal and clinical trial outcomes in targeted and immune-oncology therapeutics.

The lectures and dialogue will focus on these Learning Objectives:

  1. As a result of attending this program, the participant will be able to identify novel polyomic interrogatives to consider optimal treatment approaches when incorporating immunotherapeutics and targeted agents in cancer management
  2.  As a result of attending this program, the participant will be able to apply principles of precision oncology clinical trial design
  3. As a result of attending this program, the participant will be able to understand key issues facing precision oncology adoption in a traditional health care system

We look forward to seeing you at this very informative meeting,

Best regards,

Dr. Gwyn Bebb
Co-Chair – POET 2020

Dr. Pinaki Bose
Co-Chair – POET 2020

On behalf of the POET Planning Committee

Pinaki Bose
Gwyn Bebb
Greg Cairncross
Danny Heng
Steven Jones

Rosalyn Juergens
Doug Mahoney
Kathy McCoy
Don Morris


This event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

This activity was approved by the Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists for a maximum of 10 hours.


THURSDAY, May 27, 2022

5:30PM – 5:35PM Welcome from POET – Dr. Steven Yip & Dr. Pinaki Bose
5:35PM – 5:40PM Welcome from Own.Cancer – John Osler, Own.Cancer
5:40PM – 6:10PM Networking and Science Fair Stations
6:10PM – 6:20PM POET Presentation: A Patient’s Perspective – Sandy Charbonneau & Doug Ayotte
6:20PM – 6:50PM Networking and Science Fair Stations
6:50PM – 7:00PM

POET Presentation: POET Program Impact – Dr. Steven Yip & Dr. Pinaki Bose

7:00PM – 7:45PM

Networking and Science Fair Stations

7:45PM Closing Remarks – Dr. Don Morris, OWN Cancer

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