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Virtual Molecular Rounds

January to December, 2023


Next Round: Monday, May 29, 2023



POET National Virtual Molecular Rounds is held every month with a one hour monthly educational program at 10AM MT/ 9AM PT / 12 noon ET/ 1PM ATL.

POET is an academic program based out of the University of Calgary focused on Precision Oncology biomarker discovery, registries and access to novel diagnostics and therapeutics. POET strives to have accessible education across Canada for health care clinicians about molecular diagnostics and advancements in precision oncology biomarker driven practice. The education goals of this program are to provide:

  1. The latest developments in molecular oncology and precision medicine through local, national and international speakers.
  2.  A platform to discuss and understand retrospective patient-based cases with challenging clinical interpretation of comprehensive genomic profile results shared among experts.
  3. Discussion of hot-topics and challenges in molecular and polyomic diagnostics in relation to biomarker driven precision oncology therapeutics.

We look forward to this very informative virtual webinar series.

Best regards,

Dr. Pinaki Bose
Scientific Lead, POET Molecular Rounds

Dr. Steven Yip
Medical Lead, POET Molecular Rounds

Dr. Vishal Navani,
Principal POET Ambassador,
Virtual Molecular Rounds 


Monday, May 27th, 2023 (Times listed in Mountain Time)
10:00AM – 10:10 AM Welcome Remarks Dr. Steven Yip & Dr. Vishal Navani, POET VMR Co-Chairs
10:05AM – 10:50 AM Accessing targeted treatments in a complex healthcare system. There is hope!

Presentation Learning Objectives:
1. To understand the complexities of the Canadian drug regulatory system
2. To identify ways that physcians can support and advocate in the regulatory system
3. To learn about potential new funding models for cancer drugs

Paul Wheatley-Price BSc, MBChB, FRCP (UK), MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa
Division of Medical Oncology
Ottawa, ON
10:50AM – 10:55 AM Panel Discussion Dr. Steven Yip, Dr. Pinaki Bose & Dr. Vishal Navani
10:55AM – 11:00 AM Audience Questions & Answers
11:00AM Closing Remarks Dr. Pinaki Bose & Dr. Steven Yip, POET Chairs