October 22-23, 2020

Virtual Congress 2.0

POET Virtual Congress 2.0 Agenda

(Times below are in Mountain Time)

9:00AM- 11:30AM MT AM Session 1: Clinical Trials Design in Precision Oncology
Session Chair: Dr. Rosalyn Juergens
9:00AM- 9:05AM Welcome to the POET Virtual Congress 2.0 – Dr. Gwyn Bebb
9:05AM- 9:10AM Welcome from the University of Calgary – Dr. Ed McCauley
9:10AM- 9:15AM Welcome from Cancer Care Alberta – Dr. Paula Robson
9:15AM- 9:45AM

Lessons from biomarker-based clinical trials – Dr. David Hong

9:45AM- 10:05AM

Novel marker discovery in the pre-clinical trials design – Dr. Charles Ricordel

10:05AM- 10:25AM

Novel marker discovery moving into clinical trials design – Dr. Lori Kunkel

10:25AM- 10:55AM

Panel: Hot Topic Debate
– What are the main challenges of conducting clinical trials in smaller molecular defined sub groups?
– What level of real world evidence will be required for provisionally approved products based on phase 1B or phase 2 trials?
– How can the cost of clinical trials be reduced?
– What are the implications of just-in-time clinical trial design?

10:55AM- 11:25AM Questions & Discussion
11:25AM – 11:30AM Closing Session Remarks – Dr. Gwyn Bebb
5:00PM- 8:00PM MT PM Session 2: Immuno-Oncology and Precision Oncology
Session Chair: Dr. Doug Mahoney
5:00PM- 5:05PM Welcome to the POET Virtual Congress 2.0 – Dr. Pinaki Bose
5:05PM- 5:10PM Welcome from University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services Oncology Department – Dr. Don Morris
5:10PM- 5:30PM Oncolytic virus therapy  – Dr. Doug Mahoney
5:30PM- 6:00PM Innovations in CAR-T therapy – Dr. Brad Nelson
6:00PM- 6:20PM Role of Cytokine Profiling in Immuno-Oncology – Dr. Faisal Khan
6:20PM- 6:40PM Genes in Space: A Histological Perspective of Gene Expression in OSCC
– Dr. Pinaki Bose
6:40PM- 7:00PM Proteomics in precision oncology – Dr. Sorana Morrissy
7:00PM- 7:30PM Panel: Hot Topic Debate
– How can the cost of immune-modulating interventions be reduced in the next 10 years?
– What is the best predictive biomarker for immunotherapy?
7:30PM – 8:00PM Questions & Discussions
8:00PM- 8:05PM Closing Session Remarks – Dr. Pinaki Bose

(Times below are in Mountain Time)

9:00AM – 11:15AM MT AM Session 3: Adoption of genomics for clinical decision making Across Canada
Session Chair: Dr. Steven Jones
9:00AM- 9:05AM Welcome to the POET Virtual Congress 2.0 – Dr. Pinaki Bose
9:05AM- 9:10AM Welcome from Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute – Dr. Greg Cairncross
9:10AM- 9:30AM Canadian NGS programs supporting access to profiling and clinical decision making – Dr. Steven Jones
9:30AM- 9:50AM EXACTIS perspectives of supporting phase 1 clinical trials – Dr. Gerald Batist
9:50AM- 10:10AM The economics of NGS in precision oncology – Dr. Dean Regier
10:10AM- 10:40AM Panel: Hot Topic Debate
– What is the main challenge to the adoption of broad panel-based NGS testing in solid tumour patients?
– Is it necessary to build NGS testing infrastructure in Canada or is it best to send samples out of the country for testing?
– What level of RWE is required for justifying NGS adoption by health care providers?
– How can industry partner with (a) academia and (b)other private sector stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of NGS?
10:40AM- 11:10AM Questions & Discussions
11:10AM- 11:15AM Closing Session Remarks – Dr. Pinaki Bose
5:00PM – 8:00PM MT PM Session 4: Microbiome in Precision Oncology
Session Chair: Dr. Kathy McCoy
5:00PM- 5:05PM Welcome to the POET Virtual Congress 2.0 – Dr. Gwyn Bebb
5:05PM – 5:25PM Microbiome in Oncology at the Calgary International Microbiome Centre – Dr. Kathy McCoy
5:25PM – 5:55PM Pathogenesis of microbial biofilms in colorectal cancer – Dr. Julia Drewes
5:55PM – 6:25PM Microbiome as a predictor of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Outcomes – Dr. Jonathan Peled
6:25PM – 6:55PM Role of the microbiome in ovarian and endometrial cancers to lead to predictive and early detection tests, and intervention before cancer develops – Dr. Marina Walther-Antonio
6:55PM – 7:25PM Panel: Hot Topic Debate
– Do we really believe that the microbiome influences treatment outcome?
– How do we design clinical trials that investigate modulating the microbiome as a cancer management intervention?
– Do antibiotics have a role to play in modulating the microbiome to improve cancer treatments?
7:25PM – 7:55PM Questions & Discussions
7:55PM – 8:00PM Closing Remarks – Dr. Gwyn Bebb